About Me

I was born in Niagara Falls in Canada – about 2 kilometres from the falls…and in the summer as you lay in bed with the window open you could hear the roar of the falls!!   When I was 9 years old my friends and I discovered a road that went down to river below the falls and we used to go down there and play on the rocks.  I never ever told my mum and dad about those secret advAnne Cottringerentures. They would never have let me out of the house again!!

In this picture, I am in Canada, standing right next to Lake Superior (which you can’t see , which is a shame because it’s huge!!)

I now live in Hereford in the UK, home of a wonderful breed of cattle, called — you guessed it! Herefords.  I’ve spent the last years in the company of many cows for a film I’m making about young farmers.

The everyday life of a writer is mostly spent at a desk.  It’s not very exciting really.  So sometimes I get myself out of my study, usually onto my allotment or up into the Welsh Hills.

When I was a child, I loved riding horses and now that I’m ‘older’, I’ve started to go riding again up in the Welsh Hills with views for miles around.  I love galloping along, but I’m also taking riding lessons.

My other favourite place is my allotment.  Sometimes I’m lucky and things grow really well, like this cauliflower!  And sometimes I get a really good haul like below – and I especially love those raspberries.


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Marshall Hirst

    Hello Anne,wonderful to see how well you are doing. I will try to pick up a few of your novels and share them with my three granddaughters. Everything is well in Canada. If I’m every in Hererfordshire I’ll give give a telephone call.


    Marshall Hirst

    • Hi Marshall! I just picked up your comment. How lovely to hear from you. What are you up to? And yes if you do ever come to Herefordshire – come and see us! It’s a beautiful county. Best,

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