Eliot Inspires Year 1 Art Week

I recently received an email from Nicola Preston, English Leader at Coteford Infant School in Pinner.

‘Just wanted to let you know I have used your lovely story book as inspiration for my arts week, in my year 1 class.  Tomorrow evening we have an exhibition evening (6 to 8pm).’

I was really chuffed!  Here are some photos of the brilliant artwork by the Year 1s.  I was so impressed! I think you might be too.

Thanks to all the students and to Nicola Preston for their incredible work. You made my week!!

cover_intro_8949 copy

ArtCover_context_8947 copy

Zootable_8828 copyBoattable_8829 copyMountain_8837 copysuperheroWowWall_8872 copyPortrait_superheros_8875 copyMWS_Class_8879 copy

World Book Night in Leintwardine

I’m really looking forward to the Saturday evening event. I’ve been one of the judges for the primary school stories, and we will be presenting the prizes for the best stories. I was impressed by the imagination of many of the writer and  some unexpected twists! Some of the authors involved and I will be having a discussion about writing.  Should be a great night!


More Eliot stories from Lord Roberts Primary School!

All the stories from Lord Roberts school are by 7 year olds.  The school is a French immersion school, so all the children spend most of their day working and writing in French.  So these stories are not their normal school language!

Hazel’s Eliot story. Watch out for the tigers!


Spencer’s Story. An ingenious solution!




And Ruby’s story…Phew!








Eliot stories from Lord Roberts school in London Canada

Here are some fabulous ideas and covers for new Eliot Midnight Superhero stories, sent to me by the students in Years 2/3 at Lord Roberts French Immersion School in London, Ontario, Canada.  I went to university in London and it turns out that I lived around the corner from the school!



And here are two entire Eliot stories! The first one is written by Emma. Hasn’t she drawn some great illustrations as well?!


This story is written by Alex.  I wish I had thought of this idea!