When Titus Took the Train

When Titus Took the Train on Cbeebies

Here is When Titus Took the Train on Cbeebies.  It’s read brilliantly by Alex Winters.

You can have lots of fun with the When Titus Took the Train board game which Sarah designed.  (That woman has talent!)

So if you dare – download a PDF of the  TITUS BOARD GAME

And for the rules and playing piecesRULES

If you are going on a journey of your own  TITUS’ TOP TIPS FOR YOUR OWN ADVENTURE



When Titus Took the Train

By Anne Cottringer & Sarah McIntyre

This is a perfect storybook for any young child who adores trains, dinosaurs and drawing – and those who don’t.

Titus is going on a train journey under the watchful eye of the train guard; his Uncle Henry is waiting for him at the end of the journey. What no one realises are the bandits, T-Rex’s avalanches and breakdowns waiting for Titus during his journey. Fortunately, he manages to sort them all out.

Children who look carefully at Titus’s fellow passengers and the stations the train passes through might be able to spot what has inspired each of Titus’s imagined adventures. The colourful, action-packed spreads demand attention and will keep children busy looking for clues during Titus’s journey.

Adventurous, imaginative and fun, this picture book is one of our favourite picture books of the year.

From:  http://www.babydirectory.com/baby/booksdvds/168/readingzone_best_new_books_published_in_november

Sarah and I made our own little animation to go with When Titus Took the Train and here it is – Titus, the Movie!

The making of Titus, the Movie

Although I’ve made lots of documentary films, I’d never made an animation.  So what an opportunity – to get together with Sarah and make a little video.  Neither of us really knew how to do it so we improvised.  It was really good fun.  Here are some pics we took of the day – starting with me getting my camera ready.

Setting up

Sarah prepared all the artwork.     Can you spot the T-rex?

Sarah made lots of little tweaks. Here, Sarah cuttingshe’s cutting a T-rex eyeball

Sarah adjusting Titus’ specs. We used a piece of black velvet as a background and taped where the edges of the frame were.

Titus with no eyes! Sarah made them so we could move them around. watch the movie again and see what we mean.

Titus with his trusty pencil! Read the book and you’ll see what adventures an sharp pencil can take you on.

Sarah making final adjustments.
Although you can’t hear him in these pictures, the T-rex is pretty noisy and has no manners at all.  You should hear his disgusting burp.  Sarah and I had fun doing sound fx but neither of us could manage the loud burp you hear on the video.  We had to get it from a sound fx library.

Here I am in Sarah’s studio putting all the pictures together on my laptop so we could edit them and put the sound on.

It was a long day!! But we went to Sarah’s favourite cafe called Panda Panda.  Yummy!  Sarah and I both showed up that day wearing red tops and grey trousers.  We looked liked we were in uniform — Team Titus!

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